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We come up with the best creative solution to purchase houses in a
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profit, that’s the beauty of creative finance.

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Our Partnerships

How does it work?

Initial Contact and Information Gathering

Agent Action: Reach out to us with the property details, including location, condition, and any unique selling points or challenges.

Our Role: We review the provided information and assess the property’s potential based on our buying criteria and expertise in handling unique real estate situations.


Property Evaluation and Offer Preparation

Agent Action: Facilitate a property evaluation by arranging a visit for our team or providing detailed photographs and reports.

Our Role: Conduct a thorough assessment and prepare a creative offer. This offer will be structured to address the specific needs of the seller and the challenges of the property.


Offer Presentation And Negotiation

Agent Action: Present our offer to the seller and communicate any feedback or concerns.

Our Role: Engage in negotiations if necessary, and work closely with the agent to address any counteroffers or adjustments, ensuring the deal aligns with both the seller’s and our interests.


Closing The Deal

Agent Action: Coordinate with all parties involved – including the seller, our team, and legal representatives – to finalize the sale.

Our Role: Ensure a smooth closing process by providing necessary documentation, handling any last-minute issues, and confirming that all financial obligations are met.


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Certainly, with full co-operation from the agent’s side we have closed several deals in under as little as 21 days!

Even with minimal equity or an upside-down situation, we can work with your seller to find a solution.

Yes, we’ve handled numerous transactions involving divorce situations, ensuring a smooth and equitable process for all parties involved

Selling on terms often doesn’t hinder the seller’s ability to qualify for a new loan; however, individual circumstances vary

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